by Blastanus

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released July 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Blastanus Finland

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Track Name: Tomorrow Is Better
Terminally ill by social strain
Irreversibly damaged by the pain
I can feel the tumors growing inside of me
The pollution, the drugs

Conscious of another being, a key to reach a higher state of mind
The eternal gray, the black redemption
Together we float there
As a conscious stream, intertwined minds in the ether
Intangible, lost in a sea of darkness
Helping me to compose my thoughts
My soul is corrupted, my mind is gone
My thoughts aren't my own

The mind transforms from a physical being to an astral entity
In my visions I see the future
The grim wastelands

More authority, more prisons, less freedoms, more regulations
The complete takeover of our humanity
The complete destruction of our society
Nuclear war
It all makes sense at that moment
And that moment never fades
My dreams materialized with a gun to my face

Existentialism, the reality hits hard as I am coming down, I need a way out of this skin
Failing to recognize my self-worth
Feeding on the serotonin inhibitors
Alienation and persecution
Humanity is overrated
But for tomorrow, they will all be gone
One mans war, one mans dream, to feel joy once again
Track Name: Reward Failure
Start a business, make profit, become rich, make more money
Pay your taxes, for what? You don't know, they wont say
A money filled safety net, built for a reason, to pull the rug from underneath our feet
Soon you will find out there is a crisis, a meltdown of epic proportions

Predatory lending went out of our control, enterprise will suffer, inflation will soar, nothing you have holds value anymore
Now the government owns everything and everyone around you

Nobody saw this coming? Lying to you, invest here, the housing market is fine, its only going up
Flying high, touching the sky, falling wont hurt us
Imagine, they knew, pointing the finger, all the while, they knew!
All the while we kept drinking the kool aid
Government rewards for your failures, politicians calling names, pointing fingers, sleeping at night, laughing all the way to the bank

Scared that the foreign investments will cut and run, depression will overcome
With our climate
We wont let the economy collapse, we steal from the poor, we reward failure!
Track Name: Science Of Tyranny
You take a meat cleaver to a kindergarten
Nobody is going to be surprised
You take a gun to school
What does it take for you to realize?
Society has changed the timetable
No more education, build your frustration
Beat you down and learn to hate your fellow man

Misguided, brainwashed
All because they don't want you to learn
Believe you are making your own social impact, when in fact you are just what they need

Make your own science
Base it on defiance
The science of tyranny

They don't teach you this shit at school
You have to read between the lines
Eradicate to depopulate, the puppet of society
Taking the easy way out
Now you know what its like to live in fear
Track Name: Culture Of Entitlement
You can get it, for nothing, something, for nothing
Mommy, make my food
Daddy, wipe my ass
Stuck here, but not alone
The world is full of us, lazy, autistic slobs
Parents with no morals, brought up to live as subservient
Kids need their support, the parents provide it
Building a wall around the face of humanity
Spoiling the youth to death, neutralizing them from birth
Brainwashed by tv, desensitized by the violence in games

Pills and vaccinations created by dehumanizing corporations
Designed to slowly dumb you down
Disintegrate you from the inside
The sky is green and the grass is blue
You think you deserve something, think again...
You never did any work, but you now you all feel entitled
Mob mentality builds and the zombies attack
Satanists on salvia, set up to serve the establishment
Track Name: Hammerfist
Hammerfist, Smashing your face!
Hammerfist, crushing your soul!

Yeah, starting to get mad, the cage is my head
The battle never ends, constant noises calling me
Telling me to push trough, stop being a fool

Hammerfist, Smashing your face!
Hammerfist, crushing your soul!

Show them who's who, a hammerfist will be the death of you
Let the fight begin, lets get it on, c'mon
Im ready when you are, ready to draw first blood

No brick wall can hold me
This freight train is on the right track
Smashing every obstacle on sight
Hear the roar, my sights are on the goal
One day I will hold the belt
Be the best, everyone will fear me!

Taking a chance, I need to win
Choosing the fights I need to be in
Take down, imposing my will
Ground and pound, going for the kill

Your chin, my fist, all we need to settle this
Clinching when we get close, dirty boxing on the inside
Landing a big uppercut that makes your equilibrium go out
Falling down, charging my hammer without a doubt
I see an opening, going for the armbar, you have no submission defense
You have never been taken down like this
Pop, you arm cracks like a twig
Track Name: Decoded
Crop circles, chemtrails, vaccinations, secret societies, false flag attacks, assasinations, peak oil, bailouts, the federal reserve

Hiding in plain sight, the answers are there
Decoding the secrets, unlocking the truth
Setting us free, exposing the criminals for who they are

Yet we are condemned, deemed as lunatics
By the regular people who are being fucked by the system everyday
Upholding the status quo
Clinging to the cornerstone of our false society and our false morals
Because they love being poor
Love being unemployed
Love being autistic
Love being a sheep

The mainstream media
The biggest propaganda machine of all
Decode the message, think for yourself
The truth shall set you free
Track Name: Evolutionary Dead End
Setting ourselves up for failure, getting lazier by the day
All the psychedelics in the world would make this reality go away
Tried it all, didn't evolve at all, losing my sanity for evolutions call
Engineers working to make man obsolete, robot armies will be prepared to overthrow the weak
Soon there will be no need for us, breathing is a crime

I thought I had it but I have proven myself wrong,
Evolutionary dead end, Homo sapiens will burn when they fall
Denying the technology, denying the tests, relying on gods existence
He will take care of us all

We have control of our environment, we are destroying it
We have control of our genes, we choose to ignore it
We use 100% of our brain, too dumb to even know it

Multiplying like rabbits, bringing new life to unlivable circumstances
No future, no hope, the poor are beaten and will never revolt
The elite are stealing our natural resources, globalism together with facisim
Too depressed and broken, give us our pills and not a word will be spoken
We are not evolving, we are regressing,
We hit a wall that the establishment built,
We represent the end of an evolutionary line
Track Name: Arctic Despair
The cold air constringes the extremities of the external fibres of the body
This increases their elasticity, and favors the return of the blood from the extreme parts to the heart
It contracts those very fibres, consequently, it increases also their forse and elasticity
People are therefore more vigorous in cold climates

The blood flows free towards the heart, and reciprocally, the heart has more power
We are superior in strength, boldness, courage and cunning

The inhabitants of warm countries are, like old men, timorous.
The inhabitants of cold countries are, like young men, brave! Ready for War!

Under pressure, the cold pain sets in
Life never felt the same
Nothing can strike us down, our arctic despair will not strike us down!
Track Name: Hegemony
The capitalist world... never seen anything so absurd
The political and economic dominance of all
Hiding in the shadows, planning this all along
You are either with us, or against us
Fight this war, for a new world, for a new day
Unite us all then kill us all
Unlimited growth requires a limited population
Fight this war!
It's a new day, take it in, with a shotgun barrel on your chin
Only way out, the wheels have already turned
Track Name: Liberation / Salvation
The foundation of our believes... all rooted in hate and intolerance
The senseless paradigm of modern man
Desensitized by the mainstream media, nothing affects us anymore
Political agenda set in hotel rooms and lobbies
Killings are justified at the base of a foul altar
A false, made up god, made to erase humanity

The doctorine of humanity knows no compation, cares for no one
Random acts of slaughter, pre-meditated acts of terrorism
Us against them, it never ends
Abhorrent behavior is encouraged
A perversion of god built to divide the people
The oppressor, the oppressed
A conqueror, or an abomination
Salvation is gone, gods grace is gone
Your atonement is denied
The burden is on your shoulders

We need a revolution to wake people up, to end all slavery, to end all prohibition
Liberation through a barrel of a gun
Salvation through god
Track Name: Collapse
Closing in...
The virus inside
My soul and intestine
Questions unnerving
What will...
Become and will be
But never finding
The meaning...
Of my sorry existence
Release me...
From my pain
My government...
My strain

What was plain to see
My life came down crashing on me
What was plain to see
My life collapse down on me