Evolutionary Dead End

from by Blastanus

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Setting ourselves up for failure, getting lazier by the day
All the psychedelics in the world would make this reality go away
Tried it all, didn't evolve at all, losing my sanity for evolutions call
Engineers working to make man obsolete, robot armies will be prepared to overthrow the weak
Soon there will be no need for us, breathing is a crime

I thought I had it but I have proven myself wrong,
Evolutionary dead end, Homo sapiens will burn when they fall
Denying the technology, denying the tests, relying on gods existence
He will take care of us all

We have control of our environment, we are destroying it
We have control of our genes, we choose to ignore it
We use 100% of our brain, too dumb to even know it

Multiplying like rabbits, bringing new life to unlivable circumstances
No future, no hope, the poor are beaten and will never revolt
The elite are stealing our natural resources, globalism together with facisim
Too depressed and broken, give us our pills and not a word will be spoken
We are not evolving, we are regressing,
We hit a wall that the establishment built,
We represent the end of an evolutionary line


from Collapse, released July 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Blastanus Finland

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